7th round matches of the EPL were postponed due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

The English Premier League press office announced the postponement of matches in England’s 7th round of the Premier League. The decision is due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. 

“We and our clubs would like to pay tribute to Her Majesty’s long and unwavering service to our country,” the statement said.

“As our longest-serving monarch, she has been an inspiration and leaves behind an incredible legacy following a life of dedication. 

“This is a tremendously sad time for not just the nation, but also for the millions of people around the world who admired her, and we join together with all those in mourning her passing.”

Elizabeth II ascended the throne on February 6, 1952, at the age twenty-five, following her father’s death, King George VI. Thus she ruled the country for more than seventy years.

Her father became the last monarch of India. Elizabeth did not become the crazy empress of overseas lands. The vast Asian country gained independence, as did many other colonies. After her father died in 1952, the throne passed to a young woman. One sometimes hardens like steel when one survives a terrible world war as a teenager. She proved to be tough, living more than 96 years. Just think, Elizabeth met with 14 different U.S. presidents.

Imagine how many geeks she listened to. But she loved listening to the legendary West Ham coach Greenwood, impressed by his erudition. Perhaps at a young age, she supported West Ham, which Greenwood led to victory in the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1964. Those were glorious times for https://www.timesoccertv.com/%category%/%postname%/.html.

In 1966, Queen Elizabeth presented Bobby Moore, captain of the national team and the Hammers, with the World Cup Trophy. 

At domestic Euro-96 and Euro 2020, Elizabeth did not see the champion’s cup in the hands of England’s captain. Now it is Charles III’s turn to wait – the royal name taken by yesterday’s Prince Charles. If Gareth Southgate suddenly pulls off a miracle in Qatar, the World Cup will no longer be welcomed at the palace by a woman.

Elizabeth II died the day before. First, there was information about a sharp worsening of the monarch’s health, and soon it became known that she died at the age of 96. The Europa League match Manchester United vs. Real Sociedad began with a moment of silence.

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