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As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. How many football fans has that been true for in recent years? We probably all know someone who vowed to never give in and hop aboard the overcrowded bandwagon that is the world of fantasy football. Maybe you were one of those people?

It’s incredible to think that over seven million people signed up for this season’s official Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game. Thousands of websites around the world offer great prizes in their own FPL leagues. You can win cash, merchandise, match tickets, and more.

As you can imagine, with so many players in the overall league, it takes something very special indeed to be able to be the cream of the crop.

New to the World of FPL?

Are you a lover of the sport or a relative newbie, attracted to football due to the growth in interest with fantasy football? That may seem a silly question to ask of someone reading an article about FPL. Well, you would not believe the influx of people into the FPL sphere who, previously, would have been classed as non-football fans.

Many ‘office’ folk have dipped their toes in the inviting waters of fantasy football. If you think about it, much of it makes sense considering the amount of statistics and data readily available these days in relation to football. Individual and team performances are broken down into almost binary form with a parameter to measure every technical ability and physical exertion shown on the pitch.

If you are good with numbers, graphs, pie charts, or whatever forms of data presentation are used these days, you may be able to use those skills in FPL. It just so happens that you don’t have to be a football fanatic to achieve a degree of success in fantasy football.

Predicted Lineups in Fantasy Football

Whether you’re a seasoned FPL player or relatively new to the game, we know one tool you need in your arsenal – a good predicted lineups website. Some ‘chancers’ just put together a quick guess of a starting eleven for some of the top teams. The best sites are far more thorough, basing their selections on solid logic and data. These sites will also provide lineups for all 20 Premier League clubs. Just look for the predicted lineups in the Premier League page on a good FPL tips site.

Take some other factors into account as well. How does the site look to you? Do you like the user interface? Are you a fan of the reading style? It may not seem important to you now but you want to be comfortable and confident using these sites for the duration of the season. Remember to grade the information they provide too. This may take you a week or two to really get a good feel for how accurate and up-to-date the ‘insight’ they are displaying really is.

Once you decide on a solid predicted lineups page to use each week, make it a regular part of your FPL routine. That is, be sure to include it in the decision-making process when it comes to deciding on transfers in and out of your FPL team. Also, predicted lineups can help you decide on your captain and vice-captain, plus the order you select your substitutes in.

Some of these pages will hold other data too. On the very top sites, you can view a fixture analysis tool. This shows each club’s upcoming games and gives them a ‘fixture difficulty’ rating, often colour-coded. There are other odds and probabilities too such as the likelihood of a player scoring in any given game, a player netting a hat-trick, a team keeping a clean sheet, or the odds on any fixture having over or under 2.5 goals.

FPL Injuries and Suspensions

If you wanted two other basic FPL tips, we would be inclined to direct you towards pages that show (1) injuries and (2) suspensions.

With regards to injuries, find the sites that provide up-to-the-minute information for everyone. You can keep tabs on each team’s current injury list therein and it means a quick scan of this page or pages will only take you a few minutes each week.We recommend using the official FPL site to view the disciplinary list and see what players are suspended and how many games each one is expected to miss.

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