Arsenal vs Lens prediction: Can the Gunners secure a comeback at the Emirates?

In the first round, Arsenal suffered a surprising defeat while playing away against Lens. Can the Gunners secure a resounding comeback at the Emirates on November 29th? Check out our match prediction for insights.

Arsenal vs Lance


Arsenal sits atop the group with nine points from four matches, leading their way in the standings. Even a draw in the upcoming game would secure them a spot in the Champions League playoffs. Their recent victories against Sevilla, away (2-1) and at home (2-0), have bolstered their standing. However, their lone stumble occurred in the away game against today’s adversary, resulting in a surprising 1-2 loss.

In the Premier League, Mikel Arteta’s squad claimed the top spot following their win against Brentford, while their main rivals Manchester City and Liverpool held a level position. Arsenal’s stronghold at the Emirates is well-established, having not faced a defeat in seven matches in the APL. Additionally, their Champions League campaign boasts two clean-sheet victories.


Lens has been relatively competitive in the current Champions League draw, securing the third spot in the table by the fifth round. The French team shares the same points as PSV but holds an advantage in head-to-head meetings, placing them ahead of the Dutch side. In their recent match, Lens faced a setback against PSV, resulting in a 0-1 defeat on the road.

In Ligue 1, Frank Esa’s team claimed two victories in the last two rounds, elevating them to the sixth position in the standings. Notably, Lens struggles when playing away, accumulating only eight points in seven matches held in opposition territory within the country’s championship. Moreover, they managed to score merely seven goals in these matches. Additionally, due to a suspension, striker Morgan Guilavogui will be absent from the game in London today, weakening Lance’s attacking potential.

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Arsenal suffered a stunning defeat in the first round, and today, they are undoubtedly seeking revenge to secure the top spot in the group with one round remaining. To achieve this, they must secure a victory today. The Londoners have demonstrated resilience even when facing challenges in converting chances, often sealing victories in the second half, as witnessed in their recent match against Brentford. On the other hand, Lance struggles away from home, adopting a defensive approach and showing limited attacking prowess. Given these circumstances, we don’t anticipate a surprising outcome today.

Lens encounters significant challenges in generating and capitalizing on scoring opportunities during their away games, struggling to secure goals. Breaking through the opponent’s solid defence at the Emirates appears improbable for the French team. Moreover, Arsenal scored over three goals in just one out of their last five home matches.

Based on our forecast, we predict Arsenal will win 2-0.

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